Confession Time

Call me crazy, but I think some of you may have noticed I haven’t posted much since Raeski and I returned from Chile. In all honesty, I miss Chile much more than Raeski and have been at a loss for a solution for what I’ve been missing since we’ve been back.

Recently I read a clarifying question asking expats returning home what they missed. “Was it the place, people, or the challenges you faced?” After giving it much thought I came to the conclusion that the challenge of living in Chile was invigorating. For a good sense of the challenges, read the ‘El Diario’ posts.

In Chile, boredom was banished from our lives and replaced with constant challenges to overcome. One article I found explains four stages of expat life. I made it through the first two and struggled with the third. Armed with the knowledge I have now, stage three would be a lot easier. In stage four there is a warning for returning expats I live with almost every day – feeling out of place and struggling to cope.

Do you think it’s strange to feel homesick for a place you only lived in for a year? I get teary eyed when I think of the generosity of the people and how they help their countrymen when disaster strikes. I smile when thinking of how much we did and saw in a year. Hiking in Patagonia, visiting Easter Island on Easter, Machu Picchu, Zapallar, the Andes, active volcanoes, lakes, glaciers, the marvelous street art of Valparaiso and much, much more. I miss the challenges and the people. I also felt safer there than here.

So, is there a solution to this malaise, Wooly? One that could fill my need of challenges, be affordable and expose me to the great outdoors while a bit closer to home to keep Raeski happy?

The good news is there is life after Chile. In January I placed an order for a 17’ Freedom Deluxe Casita travel trailer and we are picking it up in Rice TX at the end of June. A travel trailer checks all the boxes I need.

  • Exposure to new environments at a much lower cost – Check.
  • New challenges to overcome – Check.
  • Travel, travel, travel – Check.

I know I have a lot to learn about travel trailer life which will be part of the fun and anguish. Does this make us trailer trash???

One of my dreams is to find a place you like and stay as long as you want until you feel a need to move on. Taking time seeing all the sites, hiking the trails, visiting museums and taking lots of pictures.

It’s also good to know a Casita, much like an Airstream, doesn’t lose its value as fast as other travel trailers. In fact, I was going to buy used until I discovered I could buy a brand new Casita cheaper than the few of the 5-year-old trailers I had looked at. And there aren’t a lot of them listed for sale and people seem to really love them.

In hindsight, my decision to buy a diesel-powered Jeep Grand Cherokee becomes even better now. I won’t have any problem towing the trailer, I already have the tow package on the Jeep and a huge list of places to go. I’m ready!

This means changes are coming to WoolyandRaeski to accommodate our new lifestyle. The main page will be the blog and new tabs will appear for photography and travel articles. All of our South American adventures will be archived under a new South America tab.

I hope you like the changes and thanks for your patience waiting for me to write something.

I love comments so please let me know what you think.

Cheers, Wooly.


3 thoughts on “Confession Time”

  1. it all sounds so interesting I wish I had the nerve to travel from South Africa to teach abroad but I suppose its better when you are a couple and can look out for each other but I can only dream. I see you never visited Cape Town in your travels you should come we have a beautiful country. Regards Philistia

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