Future Postings

I have so many ideas for future postings rattling around in my head I thought I should get them written somewhere before I forget about them in a fit of early onset Alzheimers.  In no particular order here is a list posts from our travels and something for my faithful followers to anticipate.

Note:  This is a dynamic list I will periodically update after crossing some off the list and adding new ones.

  • Chile – Street art of Cerro El Peral in Valparaiso
  • Chile – Street art of Cerro Concepción in Valparaiso
  • Chile – What’s at the top of the ascensors in Valparaiso
  • Chile – Cón Cón – Beach, surf, landscapes and birds
  • Chile – Tatio Geysers
  • Chile – Atacama Desert
  • Chile – Santiago
  • Chile –  Isla Negra (Pablo Neruda’s coastal home)
  • Pelicans – sitting and in-flight
  • Alberta Canada – Bow Lake
  • Alberta Canada – Lake Louise
  • Alberta Canada – Maligne Canyon
  • Alberta Canada – The Ice Parkway
  • Alberta Canada – Glacier Watertown
  • Barcelona Spain – Gaudi architecture
  • Barcelona Spain – Tibidabo
  • France – Arles
  • France – The Aqueduct
  • France – Lyon
  • France – Paris (quite a few articles here)
  • Silverton Railroad
  • Rocky Mountain Natl. Park
  • Great Sand Dunes NP
  • Grand Teton NP
  • Yellowstone NP
  • Glacier NP – Road to the Sun
  • Bryce Canyon NP
  • Capitol Reef NP
  • Zion NP
  • Utah – LaSalle Mountains and Oowah Lake
  • Argentina – Buenos Aires
  • Argentina – Mendoza
  • Uruguay – Colonia del Sacramento
  • Uruguay – Montevideo
  • Uruguay – Punta del Este
  • Page Springs Cellars vineyards and landscapes
  • Colibri Vineyard landscapes
  • Sedona Arizona landscapes
  • Peru – Colca Canyon, Hanging Tombs
  • Peru – Andean Condors, Part II
  • Peru – Lake Titicaca
  • Peru – Chivay
  • Peru – Machu Picchu

Wow, you’re still here!  Okay, here’s a list of some future places we plan on visiting.

We did our grand tour of southern South America in December and January.  The only three sites are left on the list so I guess we have to go back.

  • Valdivia
  • Lajas Falls
  • The Seven Teacups

We’re back in the U.S. and Wooly is missing South America.

3 thoughts on “Future Postings”

  1. I hope I get to read about your future post on Machu Picchu. Intriguing place. What happened to the Incas anyway?
    Great list of prospective destinations that’s why I’ll be following.

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