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Topless it is!

We’re going topless! Why? Because it’s more fun!

Raeski found this seat removal kit for Minis online and ordered it. Wow, what a difference it makes. After installing it the choice was simple. There’s an amazing amount of room in that little car once the back seats are gone.

Tomorrow we take off for a three week adventure. The first day will be a long one as we will be driving over 500 miles. I’m looking forward to it because we are escaping the heat. Today it reached 109F or for those living in most of the world, 43C.

Our first side trip tomorrow will be a side trip to Goosenecks State Park to catch an outstanding view of the San Juan River a few miles upstream before it flows into the Colorado River. It’s 10 miles of dirt road that’s going to really mess up a clean car. I’m curious to see if we get much dirt in the car while driving with the top down. My guess is we might end up having to put the top up. In the past when on dirt roads the back of the car got quite dusty.

After the Goosenecks we head to the Moki Dugway which has a couple of great viewpoints overlooking the Valley of the Gods. From what I have seen and read the valley is like a miniature Monument Valley. After that we head to Blanding to check into our hotel.

But we’re not done yet. Tomorrow night we are going to Natural Bridges National Monument. Why at night? Because they have some of the darkest skies in the lower 48 and Wooly wants to try to photograph the Milky Way.

Going Topless

The great debate rages on in the Wooly and Raeski home. Raeski wants to go topless on our summer trips. Wooly is concerned about the compromised security when going topless. Of course all that time we spent in the sun getting some color might go to waste if we don’t go topless. We’re not concerned about the stares and smiles we get when we go topless because we’re used to it. When you drive a Mini Cooper convertible with the top down you get lots of smiles.

But the problem the Mini and countless other convertibles have is security. How do you keep your valuables safe? Let’s face it; a bit of canvas isn’t much of a deterrent to the common thief. Actually there won’t be any irreplaceable valuables in the car when it’s unattended. There will be food, clothes, and stuff like that but nothing irreplaceable. My camera gear will always be with me. But it’s the perception of something of value being in the car that worries me along with some stupid thief cutting the top to get to some clothes and food. But one also might say we run that risk every day when the car is parked.

The alternative is driving a car that’s not nearly as much fun but a little more comfortable with more room and a trunk. Yeah, it has a sunroof but it’s not the same. A sunroof lacks the element of freedom and lack of restraint a convertible affords. Plus you really do see more when you’re topless.

Maybe I have to think a bit more creatively to figure out how to jam what we need into the Mini. We could reduce the amount of food by shopping more often. Fewer clothes and a stop at a Laundromat once or twice (being stinky is not an option) could cut down on the amount of clothes required which would allow us to use smaller suitcases that will fit in the tiny trunk of the Mini. That would leave just the ice-chest and food visible. It’s food for thought…  (Yes, I did it again. Sometimes a good pun is irresistible.)

Or we could play it safe and drive the Lexus I don’t like even though it’s my car. It would have more room, and much larger trunk and a better stereo. The ride is smoother, bumps in the road don’t jar you, and your hair looks good when you get out of the car. We could certainly take more stuff. The Lexus is a simple solution to a vexing problem and those of you who know Wooly know he’s a simple guy.

So let us know what your vote is. Should Wooly and Raeski go topless this summer? Vote and let us know. And if you have any ideas leave us a comment.  Cheers, Wooly.