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South Mountain Spring

Covering 16,000 acres, South Mountain Park in Phoenix is the largest city park in the U.S.  Spring is a wonderful time to hike in the park not only because of the ‘cool’ weather but also the flowers.  If the desert has been blessed with winter rains it explodes in brilliant color.  Fuchsia, yellow, orange, and blues.  And the Cacti have unworldly brilliant blossoms.  Enjoy spring in Phoenix.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Spring in the mountains comes later than in most parts of the US.   Flowers burst with color and wildlife comes out of the dens, nests and caves.  Moms shed their shaggy winter coats and the kids are adorable in their fluffy white fur.  This pair of mountain goats were sighted at Hidden Lake in Glacier National Park.

Cerro Barón Street Life

Cerro Barón residents have recently had a hard time.  Their homes ravaged by recent earthquakes and fires, the people still return to rebuild and they may best represent the spirit of Valparaiso.  It’s not the best nor the worst neighborhood in Valparaiso.  It’s resilient and manages to thrive in spite of the hardships.  Homes are colorful and people are friendly.  Here is a taste of street life in Cerro Barón.

Valparaiso Street Art – Cerro Cordillera

Today I take you into an area of Valparaiso where no tourist should venture alone.  When in this area my camera only is visible when taking pictures and I am ALWAYS aware of my surroundings.  In Chile crime is rarely violent, but it is opportunistic and ready to take advantage of a lost tourist.  In Valpo art is everywhere.  Even in low income neighborhoods like this one.  It’s part of the charm of Valparaiso.

Valparaiso Street Art – Cerro Artillería

To understand Valparaiso look no further than the street art.  Considered the Bohemian capital of Chile the art spans a wide spectrum of genres.  Known for its brightly painted homes clinging to hillsides, Valpo is also home to one of the largest collections of street art in the world and residents are quite proud of it.  The entire city embraces the graffiti culture.  Almost every street has art somewhere along its length.  It doesn’t matter if the neighborhood is run-down or appointed with fine restaurants and elegant hotels, street art can be found.  Entire blocks may be painted telling a story.  Enjoy my take on street life taken from the streets of Valparaiso, Chile.  These photos of the artwork are from Cerro Artillería where the Chile’s Naval Museum is found.