Contrasts – Share the Road

Sharing the road Easter Island style.

Sharing the road.
Sharing the road.

8 thoughts on “Contrasts – Share the Road”

  1. Hi RaeAnn and Kent,

    I liked the Easter Island style of sharing the road.

    Many thanks.

    You can update your Voter registration at We need your Democratic votes!

    Thanks for your pictures and posts!

    Dorothy -;)

  2. how cool that you were there in Easter!

    and I love this shot for so many reasons – there is even some contrast among all the cars – and between the two structures on the right – but I love it for the cultural – every day feel…..and creative take on the WPC! 🙂

  3. Finally got on your blog. In Chicago till next Monday having a nice visit as usual. Some rain and a lot of sun!

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