Great Birds in Flight

Today was a highlight in our Peruvian trip.  After visiting a couple of cities we are in Colca Canyon, deeper than the Grand Canyon, and we get to witness the spectacle of the magnificent Andean Condor.  Thankfully there are conservationists and environmentalists who believed these great birds should be saved regardless of the cost.  The result is being able to watch these great birds in their natural environment instead of a zoo.

I will be posting more of this trip whenever internet connections and time allows.  But for now here are three pictures of this magnificent bird.



9 thoughts on “Great Birds in Flight”

    1. I know it may be hard to believe but that photo is unedited and uncropped. That is exactly how it was taken. I took about 200 photos of these magnificent birds thereby proving that even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut. Cheers, Wooly

    1. It was the highlight of our trip until today. Today we are in Machu Piccu. I only took 400+ photos today so when we get home there will be a series of articles on Peru. If you ever come to Peru, put Machu Piccu last on your trip so you end it with the climax. Cheers, Wooly.

      1. Brilliant. Will look forward to the pix. Have actually been brewing a piece of fiction set in Peru for a while, so am sure your photos will inspire me to get on with it. Thank you.

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