A Glorious Mistake

This photo really was a mistake I almost threw away.  When I looked at the original all I saw was camera flare.  To make things worse I noticed a black dot where it shouldn’t have been.  But curiosity got the better of me and I expanded the photo to see what the black dot was.

It was our friend a honeybee.  You know, those rapidly vanishing insects that pollinate our crops.  Sadly Bayer and other companies that make neonic insecticides don’t care their product is killing massive amounts of bees.

Oh, and that bright spot isn’t the sun.  It’s actually lens flare.  Enjoy my oddball photo.

A Glorious Mistake

10 thoughts on “A Glorious Mistake”

  1. I really like the composition in this photo. I am trying to learn photography by only looking at other people’s photos when they are very good, like yours!! thanks!!!

    1. Thanks Carolee. Looking at other people’s photos is a great way to learn composition. I sometimes find myself looking at advertisement pictures to try to figure out why they are composed the way they are.

      Also learn from your mistakes. An honest photographer will tell you they take a lot more photos than you ever see posted. On some of my trips I will take two or three thousand photos. I take that many because I shoot a subject with different aperture and exposure settings and often bracket my photos.

      When I get home I delete the obvious bad photos. Next I will choose the best shot of several and get rid of the rest. But I always keep an eye out for “glorious” mistakes.

      The only way to get good is to practice, practice, practice and be brave and go make a lot of mistakes. You will learn more from your mistakes than you successes.


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