Busy, Busy, Busy

Having moved from one place to another on numerous occasions, I can tell you without a doubt moving to another country is an entire new ballgame.  Moving across the country isn’t anything like moving to another continent.  The costs are simply exorbitant.

Our last full day in the U.S. has been a busy one.  Packing away what we’re not taking, cleaning the house, pick up currency, moving the hummingbird feeder next door, scanning documents, shredding documents, moving furniture around for the carpet cleaning, cleaning the other floors, the list goes on and on…  and has been for a couple of days now…

Packing is a challenge.  I got my stuff in two suitcases and a carry-on except for a couple pairs of shoes, but Raeski being a beautiful and fashionable woman, has discovered some things may have to be left behind.  Thankfully she is being a great sport about it.

However, there is no doubt we will be paying for extra bags even after using the space saver bags.  The $75.00 extra bag fee is cheap compared to replacing all the clothes we can fit into an extra suitcase.  Some day when you’re bored, try testing yourself and see how much stuff you would want to have with you for a year’s stay.  Then you will understand Raeski’s dilemma.

We’re down to 16 hours before our flight leaves and it’s time to pack the laptop.  The next post will be from Valpo in Chile.  Hasta luego.

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