Chile Update

This is just a quick post to keep our readers up-to-date on our move to Chile.  We leave this Saturday and have been quite busy the last few days.  We had a nice send-off party with over 50 people attending.  We drank down the wine cellar and liquor cabinet and sent people off with gifts.  Everyone had a great time even if a few tears were shed.

One of the many considerations we make when deciding what to take with us are weight, when have we last used it, and can it be replaced in Chile less expensively than shipping it.  Sorting through photos is a difficult task because of the sentiment attached to so many of the pictures.

Wooly had a wistful moment when he went into the back yard to tend the garden.  Gardening is something Wooly enjoys when not shooting pictures and it is hard for him to accept the garden won’t receive the same love he has given it while we are gone.  Wooly has decided our new place in Valparaiso should have a balcony so he can have some flowers and plants to care for.

Today was spent clothes packing into those bags you can vacuum the air out of.  They really do save space although they do slowly leak.  It won’t matter because once they are in a suitcase they won’t be able to expand much after the case is closed.

Clothes were another thing that got sorted.  All of Wooly’s favorite t-shirts were tossed.  Raeski is quite happy with this development.  Clothes that don’t fit were either sold to second hand stores or donated to charity.  Being the woman she is, Raeski is having a shoe dilemma.

Wooly happily bid farewell to a car he never really liked (long story) and one of Raeski’s many great friends volunteered a spot in her garage for Miss Mini.  Thanks Susie.

Almost every day something new comes up that we have to handle NOW!  Hopefully we will get all the critical things taken care of.  If not you just may hear about it.  Adios for now, Wooly.

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