Canyonlands Road

The road into the southern part on Canyonlands National Park (the Needles section) is very photogenic and not nearly as busy as the more heavily frequented northern part.  Wooly likes taking pictures of these seemingly deserted roads

Scenic road into the Needles.
Scenic road into the Needles.

One of the stops on this road is Newspaper Rock which I wrote about previously.  Along the way we started getting hints of what the Needles section was all about.

The Needles Hint
The Needles Hint

Springtime is a great time to visit our National Parks.  The late spring bloom was very evident at the entrances of Canyonlands.

Canyonlands Wildflowers
Canyonlands Wildflowers

This was the most colorful park entrance we encountered on this trip.  One of the reasons I love desert climates is because it only takes a little rain to make the ground come alive with color.



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