Waiting on the Mail

Our mail often goes unclaimed for a day or two simply because we forget about it even though we drive by the mailbox daily. Recently I have had reason to look forward to the mail. I’ve ordered stuff!

Our National Parks pass came in the mail the other day. So far I’ve identified about 25 National Parks and Monuments we plan on seeing this summer and fall so the savings will be significant. Another piece of mail arrived the other day with gas cards. I converted a bunch of my American Express points into gas cards. That $350 will really help keep the costs down.

Ahh, the things we get all worked up about. And if you’re about to say get a life my answer will be, “I did!” Today I got up when I wanted to, did what I wanted, and didn’t answer to a boss. I worked a little more on trip plans and and generally lived a life without much of the stress that those who are still working have.

And now the mailbox is neglected once again because I’m not expecting anything of importance to show up.

3 thoughts on “Waiting on the Mail”

  1. Hey Woolly
    I think if time permits you should see Flaming Gorge and Teton National Parks… and that would be topless, LOL.
    In all the times that I’ve hike, some of the areas that you’ve selected (open Jeep) there wasn’t any problems. There is usally a base area to park and most of the areas are patrolled…

  2. Hey, K & R— we just got back from Peru and Ecuador last night. Met some US citizens now living in Ecuador and were told it is one of the best places for US retirees to go due to the good health care system, utilities, roads, food and low cost of living. Maybe you will get a chance to go there during your south american travels! Peru was interesting, but DEFINITELY not a place that we would want to live! Happy travels. Kaia and Mark

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