Those Darn Spots!

Those darn spots!

I really hate those spots. They always appear at the most inconvenient of times. Never mind what it takes to get rid of them. With hopes of no spots, I tested my camera to make sure everything was is good order before our trip. Lenses and filters cleaned? Check. Batteries charged? Check Camera works? Ah man, those darn spots are showing up again!

I switched lenses and they still showed up. Diagnosis? The autofocus motor has spewed oil on the sensor. So I make my what is turning out to be an annual trip to the camera repair store for cleaning. According to the technician, this is a common occurrence with two major brands of cameras. If you have a Canon you’re safe.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my camera. It takes stunning pictures and it would probably take more with a different person pushing the buttons. But I digress… I just don’t like having to go into Photoshop to remove spots. It makes me grumpy. Just ask Raeski.

So tomorrow I pick up my camera and the wallet will be a little lighter. And unlike the little guy in the photo, my spots will be gone. Cheers, Wooly

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