Preparing for Europe

How do I pack this?

Preparations for our extended trip to Spain and France have been fairly extensive. It all started when Raeski and I were at a wine club event where a Rhone River cruise was being promoted and the sponsors were two of Arizona’s winemakers. (There actually is drinkable wine produced in Arizona!) A seven day cruise is nice but hey, we’re going to France and there is much more to see.

Thoughts of what else to do cascaded through our minds and new ideas kept surfacing. Paris was a must see. Plus I have a friend who was planning to move to Italy. Thanksgiving in the Piedmont was enticing. Alas, the friend hasn’t moved yet. Going to Paris, to Arles for the cruise and back to Paris wasn’t the perfect plan.

Spain became our leading candidate. Would it be Madrid, Barcelona or both? A night in Cala Monjoi became unnecessary when El Bulli closed its doors. The draw of the Mediterranean was strong and Barcelona became the destination. As our trip kept getting longer the words, “A three hour tour” kept running through my head. Madrid will have to wait.

Reservations have been made and the trip is set. Planning what to see has been fun. Follow us and you will learn what we chose as we see them. Now we have to do the mundane stuff like canceling mail delivery. One of our challenges will be packing for the temperature variations. Barcelona will be wonderfully temperate. We expect Paris in late November to be chilly and hopefully not cold. So the warm stuff goes in the bottom of the suitcases.

Well, our trip starts this Friday and I still have to figure out what’s going to fit in my suitcase. Cheers, Wooly.

3 thoughts on “Preparing for Europe”

  1. I just got back from France and Italy, myself. Paris was rainy and a bit cold; Marseille and Rome were really hot. Defintely pack for both, but skip the umberella. You can buy one when you get there cheap enough that you don’t need to pack it. Unless you have the space, but just an idea.

    I did the Rick Steve’s method. One backpack for 35 days. I ended up bringing too much, in the end. To catch a cheap Ryanair flight in France without checking baggage, I had to throw away a pair of jeans, a shirt, and a few odds and ends.

    By next month, I hope to post my European travel tips, but there’s a few to hopefully help! Have fun!

    If you are in Paris for a few days, the metro is great once you figure it out.

    1. Hey Daren,

      Thanks for the tips. My faithful companion “the umbrella” may stay at home this trip. Besides, the hotel may have loaners. We are traveling between cities by train. I like to watch the countryside.

      We will be in Paris 7 days so we will get to know the metro well. Other friends have told us the Metro is easy too.

      Thanks for the tips and I will be following you.


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